Friday, November 1, 2013

Nails and Foam Free Art

As an activity to introduce/practice hammers and nails we decided to use a material that was a little easier for the young ones than wood. We decide on rigid foam insulation. We started off by introducing the hammer and nails to the children. We discussed that nails (like glue, screws and tape) are used to bind things together. We showed them how to hold the hammer with one hand and the nail with the other to get it started, them nail in their first nail. From there they were free to practice, and boy did they. After a long period of free nailing we encouraged them to draw on the foam with markers and go back over the lines with the nails.
During the next session every child was eager to get hammering. We brought out the crafting materials and hot glue gun so that they could add to their works of art. Every child learned to use a hammer and nail while creating inspiring works of free art.

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