Friday, July 18, 2014

Hammering Screwing and Drilling

Children love noise and movement. Consequently it is no surprise that once introduced to hammering, screwing and drilling, these quickly become favorite activities to do in the studio. We have hammers and screwdrivers readily available for the children to explore, as well as blocks of wood and chunks of foam for the children to practice and hone their skills. A hand drill is available as well upon request for jobs that require a bit more torque than what they can generate with a standard screwdriver.

This summer we also introduced a small drill press into the space that the children could use upon request and with very close direct supervision.

After learning that nails and screws are used to attach objects together, the wood quickly gets a generous layer of their favorite craft materials, pompoms and feathers.

The utility of these skills are reinforced during the chair design activity where the children are able to design and build their own chairs for the studio space that are cut using our ShopBot Desktop.

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