Monday, July 21, 2014


This year we were proud to be a Maker Camp Super Affiliate for the second year in a row. This summer we decided to try to teach our campers to solder. So we got out our learn to solder skill badges, fired up the soldering iron and made some digital bling.
By now they were very skilled at using the hot glue gun, and this skill came in handy when introducing the soldering iron. The children were accustomed to using tools which had areas that they must not touch. Some took on to the task like pros, while others remained cautiously optimistic. We broke the groups up and did this as a focused one to one activity for obvious reasons. A pair of helping hands is a big help. Everyone had a great time, learned a new skill, and walked away proudly displaying their new accessory that they made! Here are a few pictures from one of our groups.

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